jueves, 22 de febrero de 2007

Pelu en el portatil / Pelu in the pc notebook

Es= Español, Eng= English.


Hola! estoy subiendo un video donde salgo en el pc portatil.

Eng: Hi! Im uploadig a video of me in the pc.
Es:¿Estabas escribiendo en el blog?
Eng: You was writting in the blog?
Si!, y visitando webs de otros gatos.
Eng: Yes!, and watching blogs of another cats.
Es: Ah, eso ess bueno, Ok, saludos para la gente y los gatos que visitan nuestro blog.
Eng: Ah, that is good.Well greetings for the people and cats wich visit our blog.
And sorry for the bad english language.

15 comentarios:

Daisy dijo...

Look at you uploading your own video! Very talented. I am happy to meet you.

Kaze, Latte, or Chase dijo...

Nice to meet you! I am Siamese too and you are two very beautiful cats!


Pelu & Carlota dijo...

Hey! Thanks for post our blog! really thanks to latte and daisy

Kimo & Sabi dijo...

You can type! WOW! We have to get our beans to do it for us!

Kaze, Latte, or Chase dijo...

Hi! Frootbat= a made up word that we call cats with big ears (like my sister Kaze, she has her own blog where you can see her big ears.)


Pelu & Carlota dijo...

Jajaja, thanks ! Now i know what is frootbat. :P

Mia and Ghost dijo...

Hi, welcome to the cat blogosphere. We are becoming quite an international group. Your English is much better than our Spanish.

GARGOLAS dijo...

Bienvenidas al ciberespacio!!!

Somos felinos compatriotas y también dos, claro que macho y hembra.

SAludos felinos.

The Meezers dijo...

Buenos Dias!! that's all the Spanish we knows. We is so happy there is more Meezers out in the cat blogsphere!!! Welcome and come visit us when you can!

Tara dijo...

Very nice to meet you! I'm impressed you do your own blogging!

Meezers rule!


Mia and Ghost dijo...

Hi, thanks for coming to our blog. To answer your question... BG is newest edition to family. Mia (Lynx Siameese Mix) & Ghost (pure white) are both cats who rule the house. We will try to get more pictures up soon!

Anita dijo...


Bienvenidas a la dominación felino mundial.

Luna dijo...

Muahaha si Bienvenidas a la Blogosfera felina!
Bienvenidas a mi blog,cuando quieran se pasan a jugar.
(Mis papaitos son Chilenos)
Languetazos con sabor atún.

¸.-´¸.-♥´¨) ¸.-♥¨)
(¸.-´ (¸.-` ♥ BESitos ♥.-´¯`-.♥

la.Nikko dijo...

uii si unna de ellas es la -madre del mas lindo de esta house, Martin!!!

gracias x too francis!
sigue subiendo photos de los gatooooos!


sammawow-china cat-willow dijo...

Very nice to meet new cat friends! We aren't meezers but we really like them! China Cat is a ginger tabby and Willow is a dilute calico. Nice video you made!

China Cat & Willow